About U.S. English Foundation


Our Mission

The U.S.ENGLISH Foundation contends that learning English quickly and learning it with English-speaking peers is the best way for English learners to get ahead economically, academically and socially. Although English learners do require special language assistance, it is the Foundation’s stance that this assistance should be short-term and transitional.

Studies show that English comprehension and literacy are two of the most important factors in determining economic independence. That is why the U.S. ENGLISH Foundation strives to connect English language learners with free or low cost classes and lessons.

It is the goal of the U.S.ENGLISH Foundation to ensure that English continues to serve as an integrating force among our nation’s many ethnic groups and remains a vehicle of opportunity for new Americans. To accomplish that goal, the U.S.ENGLISH Foundation has established these missions:
  • To help improve the teaching of English to immigrants, to allow them to enjoy the economic opportunities available in this country.
  • To research language issues and policies within the United States producing briefings to educate all citizens
  • To study language policy and its effects around the world, so we can apply the lessons learned in other countries to the United States.
  • To raise public awareness about the importance of our common language.
The U.S.ENGLISH Foundation is a separate organization from U.S.ENGLISH, Inc., which works to pass legislation related to our common language.