Donating to U.S. ENGLISH Foundation

There are many ways to donate to the U.S. ENGLISH Foundation. The easiest way is by completing our online donation form. Planned gifts may also be given. The most frequent types of gifts in this category are bequests through a will or transfers of stock or property.

U.S. English Bumper Stickers

These full color stickers recognize our nation’s heritage as a nation of immigrants who took the necessary step of learning English. The sticker reminds us that the English-learning key to the past is the same key to the future, and we must do what we can to promote English learning among all Americans.


Use to search for information on the web and select the U.S.ENGLISH Foundation as the charity you wish to support. Or simply follow this link to the search page that preselects U.S. English Foundation for you.

For every web search you do, the U.S.ENGLISH Foundation will receive a small donation. It’s that easy to help! The site is powered by Yahoo!, so you will get quick, comprehensive results from a well-known search engine.

Some organizations have earned over $20,000 through!

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Contributions to the U.S. English Foundation are tax-deductible.