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5. Costs: What does it cost in terms of money, time and government resources to police the country’s language restrictions?

Updated (April 2007)


A new cultural center for the Sámi people is to be built in the town of Inari, the Finnish Sámi’s administrative and cultural center. The Regional Council of Lapland has agreed 5 million EUR in support; the balance of the funds needed is to come from the Finnish state.

The purpose of the center is to provide the Sámi people with better conditions to maintain and develop their linguistic and cultural autonomy and to support the living conditions of the Sámi in general. It is also hoped that the center would help to disseminate information about the Sámi as indigenous people.

Furthermore, the cultural center will combine different mutually supportive activities by providing facilities for the Sámi Parliament and the Sámi administration, as well as facilities for Sámi teaching and research, cultural activities and the development of industry and jobs.

Source: Eurolang News, April 2, 2007 by Katriina Kilpi


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