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Regulations on Ensuring Interpretation in Events

Regulations No. 288 (Issued according to Part 2 and 3, Article 11 of the State Language Law)

Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia

22 August, 2000, Riga

1. These Regulations determine in which cases organizers have to ensure interpretation of foreign languages into the state language at events, organized in Latvia, in addition to cases, provided for by Part 1 of Article 11 of the State Language Law, as well as the cases when the State Language Center may exempt organizers of an event from providing interpretation into the state language.

2. At events, organized by private institutions, organizations, enterprises (companies), physical persons or international institutions, the organizer of the event ensures interpretation of information that concerns legitimate public interests (connected to public safety, health, morals, health care, protection of consumer rights and labor rights, workplace safety and public administrative supervision) into the state language, as well as provides versatile and complete information about the organized event.

3. The State Language Center may exempt the organizer of an event from the interpretation of foreign languages into the State language, if foreign physical and legal persons participate in the event, and in organization of this event have participated also state and municipal institutions, courts and institutions belonging to the judicial system, state and municipal enterprises, as well as companies, where the state or municipality holds the largest share of the capital, if:

3.1. Participants of the international event have agreed on other working language;

3.2. National philology organizations organize scientific and cultural educational events;

3.3. Such open air events are organized where it is technically impossible to provide interpretation.

4. The decision of the State Language Center can be appealed according to the procedure provided by legislative acts.

5. The regulations take effect as of September 1, 2000.

Prime Minister A.Berzins

Minister of Justice I.Labucka

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