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1. Legislation: Legislation dealing with the use of languages

The Constitution, adopted on November 6, 1994

The new Tajik Constitution declares Tajik as the state language of the Republic. However, Russian is established as a language of inter-ethnic communication. All ethnic groups are provided with the right to use their native languages freely.

Language Act of the Tadzhik Soviet Socialist Republic (July 22, 1989)

The Law contains 37 articles dealing with rights of citizens to choose/use language and guarantees for protection of such rights. Russian is given the status of the language of inter-ethnic communication and also can be used in all spheres of social life. The Law recognizes the equality of all languages, provides legal guarantees and respectful treatment of all languages spoken in the territory of the country. It also protects the inalienable right of citizens of any ethnic group to protection and the free development of their languages and culture.

Resolution #459 “On the Program of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan on Development of the State language and of other languages in the Territory of the Republic of Tajikistan”, (October 21,1997)

“Approves the Program; orders all ministries, governmental committees and state, institutions, heads of local executive branches to initiate special arrangements in accordance Government with the Program within a month period and to present to the their proposals regarding their needs in accomplishing these arrangements; authorizes the Commission on Language under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan to carry out the control over the implementation of the Program.”

Program of the Republic of Tajikistan on Development of the State Language and of Other Languages in the Territory of the Republic of Tajikistan (adopted by the Resolution #459)

“The Program revises all the measures, already carried out in pursuit of implementation of the Law on State Language during the period of 1989-1997; Program consists of two parts: Part One – Tajik (State) Language, Part Two -Other Languages. In Part One the Government designs special arrangements, aimed on fuller and further development of Tajik, such as organization of courses of Tajik, special educational programs, introduction of Tajik into business documentation, executive and judicial decisions and acts. It imposes certain obligation in this respect on various governmental bodies, and introduces special terms for this. Part Two concentrates on special arrangement, aimed on maintaining and harmonized development of all other languages, including courses of those languages at educational institutions, TV and radio broadcasts, etc.”

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