U.S. English Foundation Research

U.S. ENGLISH Foundation Publications

The U.S. ENGLISH Foundation studies language issues and policies within the United States and to educate our fellow citizens on our common language. These briefings are distributed in paper format, but are also available here.

Many Languages, One America

The United States has never been a land of just two languages. We have revolved around one central language — English — with many more languages making up the distinctly American accent. Find information on what is spoken where and by whom in this section.

American Immigration – An Overview

Trace the details of American immigration through the centuries, from its roots to its prognoses.


What did the Founding Fathers think about English in the United States? What other languages are spoken here? Find that information here, as well as other interesting information about our common language.

Official Language Research

The U.S.ENGLISH Foundation recognizes that language issues and problems throughout the world have common elements. In an attempt to better understand the difficulties facing our nation in regard to language issues, the U.S.ENGLISH Foundation has compiled data on official and minority languages from countries worldwide.