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(Adopted on April 2, 1976)

(Document Status in 1997)

Article 9

The basic tasks of the State are:

f) To safeguard instruction in, and a constant increase in respect for, the Portuguese language, to defend its use and to promote its international currency.

Article 13

(2) No one shall be privileged or favored, or discriminated against, or deprived of any right or exempted from any duty, by reason of his or her ancestry, sex, race, language, territory of origin, religion, political or ideological convictions, education, economic situation or social circumstances.

Article 74

2) In the implementation of its policy for education, it is the duty of the State:

h) To protect and develop Portuguese sign language, as a cultural expression and instrument of access to education and equality of opportunity;

i) To ensure instruction in the Portuguese language and access to Portuguese culture the children of emigrants.

j) To ensure that the children of immigrants have adequate support to implement their right to education.

Note: The complete text of the Constitution and further information on the constitutional background of Portugal are provided by the Portuguese Parliament.

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